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Where Passion Meets Devotion

In 1986 Don Dowdle founded the Field Trial Review. He was a man that loved horses, dogs and publishing. The Field Trial Review highlighted and featured the National Field Trial and Bird Dog Championships annually. In 2009, after Don's passing Tom and Nancy Brannon took over the Field Trial Review and kept Don's legacy alive. Through their leadership they continued the Field Trial Review and dedicated numerous hours reporting and photographing the National Championship over a course of 13 years.

In June of 2022 Lauren Abbott, President of Ford Abbott Media, LLC, obtained the Field Trial Review. Abbott, an avid and passionate horse and dog lover wanted to keep Don, Tom and Nancy's legacies alive while having a vision to bring stories of the special bond between dogs, horses and humans to readers and subscribers more consistently throughout the year. Abbott's main goal was to expand on the Field Trial coverage and evolve Hunt & Field into a magazine where hunting field sports involving dogs and horses can be shared in a manner that makes these outdoor sports relatable and

accessible to all.  


Hunt & Field's mission is to highlight how bird dogs and horses don’t require an affluent lifestyle.

The Real Luxury of the outdoor lifestyle is being in nature and experiencing the special bond between hunt dogs, horses and humans. We tell the stories of the outdoors animal lovers, and how they will always seek out the special connection to the outdoors alongside their bird dogs and hunt horses in unconventional and non-traditional ways. 

Hunt & Field prints quarterly and publishes articles weekly throughout the year. Follow the stories of the unconventional outdoorsmen and women, and how they are first dog and horsemen and women.

If you are interested in subscribing to Hunt & Field please click here.

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