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Miller's Blindsider: 2023 National Bird Dog Champion

Photo by Lauren Abbott | All rights reserved

On February 21, Miller's Blindsider was named the 2023 National Champion on the steps of Ames Manor Plantation, in Grand Junction, Tenn. "Sam" known to his owner: Nick Berrong, handler: Jamie Daniels, scout: Judd Carlton, and family and friends, had an impressive run on the second day of running on February 14.

The Brace started under cloudy skies with temperatures at 54 degrees. Miller's Blindsider, handled by Jamie Daniels and scouted by Judd Carlton, had six total finds setting the pace for the rest of the braces.

Nick Berrong, "Sam's" owner, said when asked what made his English Pointer stand out as a National Champion, "his endurance! This dog does not get worn out." Nick was gracious of all the hard work of handler Jamie Daniels and remarked, "I would not be here if not for Jamie. He is a family man and he knows his dogs, and loves them."

More on Miller's Blindsider's Championship win will be featured in the February/ March print issue of Hunt & Field.


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